Wind Resistant


Hurricane and Seismic testing has been calculated and passed at 16” and 24” on center spacing. All builders we have spoken to, to date, have agreed that the benefits of the Tstud™ Wall Assembly have the ability to significantly improve the structural integrity of a structure, even at 24” on center framing. All of those builders have historically built at 16” on center are now considering making the switch over to using less studs to potentially save hundreds of dollars on building costs.


The amount of lumber required to build the average size house in America of 2,450 square feet at 24” on center framing is 58 less wall studs on average, which in turn, saves over 2000 fasteners that coincide with those 58 studs. In any case, continuing to frame at 16” on center is totally acceptable as well.

The Tstud™ Wall Assembly comprises all of the members needed to build an exterior or interior wall, including the top plates, bottom plates, sill plates under windows, all wall studs and cripples, and most headers used in construction today up to an 8’ wide opening (without snow load). The Tstud™ is constructed of two opposing wood members with a foam core, and the two wood members are held together with a proprietary truss, which gives the Tstud™ its strength.

See the Technical Evaluation Report (TER) which has been completed to make the Tstud™ Code Compliant, and able to be used in all wall assemblies in North America. Click here.