Fire Rating

*Code compliant coming soon!


Burn Test:. Tstud™ (left) vs a 2x6 (right).

Burn Test:. Tstud™ (left) vs a 2x6 (right).

The foam core of the Tstud™ is currently used in the SIP (structural insulated panel) industry and already has industry acceptance. The adhesive that is used to secure the nonmetal truss inside of the wood members of the Tstud™ is also currently used in the construction industry and passes ASTM D2559, as a heat and moisture resistant adhesive. The ASTM D2559 is required for use in members that could and would be used in headers and top plates, for the protection of fire personal and the inhabitants of the occupied space. Underwriters Laboratory (UL) has tested a prototype of the Tstud™ and has concluded that the Tstud™ passed as a Class A fire rated member. A testing program is being implemented with UL for use of the Tstud™ as a Fire Class Rated Assembly.

Until a E119 Assembly Test is completed, and additional E84 Steiner Tunnel tests are completed, the Tstud™ cannot be sold with a fire rating. More updates will follow.